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Arriving in Montes Claros

Week 1-2, 2005


Our cat arrives
The local marked
Trip to Janauba

Week 3, 2005


Trip to Diamantina national park

Week 4, 2005

Waterfall (11MB)

Carneval in Porto Seguro

Week 5-6, 2005   

Capoeira (47 MB)
Dancing... (13MB)
Harbour (15MB)

At Paulo's
Sunday Trip in montes claros mountains
Our appartment...

Week 9-10, 2005

Appartment (130MB)

Trip to Ouro Preto - an old mining town

Week 13, 2005

NovoClub (13MB)

Trip to Pirapora - A Town by the second largest river in South America, Rio São Fransisco

Week 14, 2005

River Boat (26MB)

Holliday in Rio de Janerio

Week 16, 2005

Ipanema beach (24MB)
Maracana stadium (36MB)
Corcovado (15MB)
Museu do Arte Cont. (14MB)
Sugar Loaf (13MB)

Holliday in Foz de Iguazu

Week 17, 2005

Boat trip to the waterfalls (7MB)
Garganta do Diablo 1 (7MB)
Garganta do Diablo 2 (14MB)
Garganta do Diablo 3 (8MB)
Garganta do Diablo 4 (6MB)
Passeios Superiores (6MB)
Three Frontiers (13MB)
Itaipu Dam (16MB)

Holliday in Salvador

Week 18, 2005

Turtles (22MB)

Holliday in Diamantina

Week 19, 2005

Waterfall in Diamantina (11MB)

Weekend in Brasilia

Week 21, 2005

TV tower (16MB)
Trés Poderes (10MB)
Congresso (11MB)

Trip to Santa Barbara - A little town between Diamantina and Belo Horizonte

Week 24, 2005

Waterfalls (8MB)
Rollercoaster... (2,5MB)

Holliday in Pantanal - the largest floodplain in the Americas

Week 28-29, 2005

Caiman lake (15MB)
Caimans gets food (18MB)
Tucan (7MB)
Horseback riding (20MB)
Rio Aquidauana (20MB)

Holliday in Sao Paulo

Week 29, 2005

Sao Paulo seen from The House of Italia (39MB)

1/2 Marathon in Rio De Janeiro

Week 32, 2005

Futebol, Vasco vs Atletico (14MB)

Formula 1, Interlagos - Brazil (23-25/09 2005)

Week 38, 2005

Presentation of drivers (2MB)
Start area (7MB)
Ready to start (15MB)
Start (7MB)
Drive by... (8MB)

Whale watching, Parque National Marinho de Abrolhos

Week 41, 2005

Whale (10MB)
Catamaran (14MB)
Whale spotting from boat (11MB)
Boat return trip (17MB)

Bike riding around Montes Claros incl. encounters with snake, worm and tarantel


Tarantel (19MB)

Cruise along the northeast coast (week 46, 2005)


Olinda, street party (13MB)

Fernando de Noronha

Dolphins (29MB)


Buggy tour 1 (20MB)
Buggy tour 2 (12MB)
Buggy tour 3 (16MB)
Buggy tour 4 (17MB)
Buggy tour 4 (23MB)



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